Waste Generators

Virtually every individual, business, and organization on earth generates waste every single day. But we, the Waste Generators, have no information about the kind of waste we generate or how much of it gets recycled. We also have little to no incentive to sort properly. Integrating the Waste Generator into a digitized Circular Economy helps the Waste Generator understand the environmental value of sorting waste properly. Data informing the amount of waste that is generated and recycling performance helps the Waste Generator to understand their waste footprint and to take action on improving said performance (through better sorting) as well as to search for solutions to reduce waste generation, such as improving purchasing policies and consumption behavior. Obtaining rewards in $CARROT from certified-recycling may or may not be of economic significance to many waste generators, but it at least serves as a representation of connectivity between stakeholders working together for the greater good. For businesses, certified-recycling is important to show compliance with waste management regulations. Ownership of burned TRCs and TCCs demonstrate waste offset commitments to employees, customers, partners, shareholders, and financiers.

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