Network Integrators

Network Integrators are key participants in the Carrot Network. They include logistics, waste management, and recycling applications that provide important data about activities realized across supply chains by their customers, such as: Producers, Waste Generators, Bin Custodians, Haulers, Processors, Recyclers, etc. Carrot homologates such platforms, allowing them to integrate with the network through Carrot’s APIs (Application Programming Interface). Integration with Carrot enables Network Integrators to offer their customers certification of reuse and recycling as well as rewards from sales of Recycling Credits (TRCs) and Carbon Credits (TCCs). Network Integrators also receive a portion of the rewards as determined in the Rewards Distribution Policy. The CARROT NETWORK serves as a public auditing and certification entity, as well as a value-creating partner for issuing credits that reward their customers for valuable environmental work, rewards that can help Waste Generators reduce costs associated with contracting recycling services, and investment capital for Recyclers, Processors, and Haulers.

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