Community Values

  1. Personal Responsibility: Each participant needs to shoulder his share of the burden of building a better future. The Carrot Fndn and Carrot DAO will seek to reward every participant in accordance with his or her contribution in fulfilling its mission. However, reward and acknowledgement is difficult to extend precisely to each stakeholder in a complex and dynamic world. Participants understand that the success of the community is ultimately, their success.

  2. Transparency: Decisions and processes are made by and for the community. The Carrot Fndn and DAO intend to provide full transparency into all of their operations and expects community participants to act in kind.

  3. Courage: Community members should take bold action toward transitioning their operations to Zero Waste, seeking circular solutions and business models, and working together with others to regenerate and restore our planet. Demonstrating leadership, acting with urgency, and producing results will be recognized and rewarded by the community.

  4. Respect: We are a global community of people and organizations who share a common vision of how to build a better world, but we recognize that we are not all-knowing and that we don’t have all of the answers. We seek knowledge and partnership first. We are always open and act with humility. Community members shall treat each other, as well as non-members, with respect, kindness, and honesty.

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