Fund Managers

Asset allocation plays a huge role in future outcomes for society and the environment. Capital flows provide team’s and organization’s with the resources they need to scale their operations and generate impact. $CARROT is a community-led open token economy dedicated to reducing waste and pollution. Owning $CARROT gives Fund Managers a vehicle to impact the Recycling Financial System broadly through governance and community participation, while also earning a return for providing liquidity through staking; a variable yield which is paid from ecosystem fees. Given that TRCs and TCCs act much as commodities, market participants can purchase TRCs and TCCs for later resale at a potential profit. The price of each TRC (by material type) and TCC for carbon emissions represent the actual value of recycling to the planet. Supporting the price of TRCs and TCCs will be important to ensure that recyclers are getting compensated properly.

Our aim is that the aggregate market value of the TRC and TCC markets will ultimately represent the price of maintaining a Zero Waste planet.

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