MassID Composition

A MassID, as previously defined, is composed of a waste material type and weight identified through a logistical operation (service order execution), and where its existence is initially corroborated by at least two individuals and where one of them is established as the responsible party before it embarks on a chain of custody journey. The formula is composed as follows:

misthematerialtypem\: is\: the \:material\: type
wistheweightw \:is\: the\: weight
CoCistherecyclingchainofcustodyCoC\: is \:the\: recycling \:chain \:of \:custody
M={m,w,CoC}M={\{m,w ,CoC\}}

Example: the MassID from a Restaurante in LA to a recycling plant in Anaheim without avoided CO2

M={clearglass,52kg,{RestaurantA,...,CARecyclingPlantM={\{clear \:glass,52 kg,{\{Restaurant \:A,...,CA Recycling\: Plant}}
M={clearglass,52kg,{RestaurantA,...,CARecyclingPlant}}M={\{clear \:glass,52 kg,{\{Restaurant \:A,...,CA Recycling\: Plant}} \}\}

Chain of custody is confirmed by service orders that establish the transfer of ownership of a MassID from the holder to the receiver (validator). Further information is stored in an immutable record including, waste origin, current custody and location, each individual participant, MassID Splits, waste mass characteristics, current bin number, current truck, current driver, scale device IDs, etc. Each executed service order, confirmed by validators forms new blocks that record changes in custody and material audits.

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