Applying Reputational Metrics

A one-wallet-one-vote mechanism establishes equal access to each individual member who owns a $CARROT token, while the Reputational Score filters for behavior bringing efficiency and reliability to governance. Our community values are based around recognizing the most helpful contributors to the ecosystem, through dedication and impactful work identified in CIPs and general DAO participation. Verifiable work via Carrot DAO’s reputational system allows the community to reward individuals, teams and organizations according to their contributions.

ZWDAO functions can also then be gated based on the reputation of the user. For example: voting will only be made available to a member after a threshold of the ‘Participation’ metric has been met or to create a ZWIPs a member’s Reputational Score will need to be above a ZWDAO determined threshold. This protects holders from malicious intent and the Zero Waste DAO from hostile takeover by scaling the cost of hostile takeover with the number of active users (which will presumably climb with ecosystem value).

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