Product Roadmap

Below is a high-level overview of the Carrot product roadmap. Carrot’s foundational work for enabling integration by logistics and waste management applications using Carrot’s APIs (Application Programming Interface) has been built, along with waste and product tracking (MassIDs and ProductIDs, respectively), scripts for measuring and verifying environmental gain according to methodologies created by third-parties, and issuing credits. The next step is to drive sales of credits and design a best-in-class experience for credit buyers. And lastly, in 2025, begin the process of Open Decentralization where the platform is handed off to the Carrot DAO’s community to manage the ecosystem.[72] The technical roadmap below mirrors the 3 phases detailed in the progressive decentralization section.

The Carrot Leaderboard brings recognition to Credit Buyers, Network Integrators and Recyclers who are most active in bringing value to the ecosystem. Below is an example of the UIs for the Leaderboard, along with a profile page that individual Credit Buyers can use to demonstrate or report their environmental contributions to employees, board members, shareholders, customers, auditors, and regulators. Anyone can verify the information relating to each credit in Carrot’s Registry, as well as the blockchain transactions.

72. A16z - Principles & Models of Web3 Decentralization, p.15

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