$CARROT is a Recycle-to-Earn, community-led and owned Web3 network missioned to lead the world’s transition to a low-carbon, circular economy.

$CARROT uses digital assets, blockchain, and tokens to identify physical waste in the economy, track waste custody to professional, homologated reuse and recycling centers, and mint Tokenized Recycling Credits and Tokenized Carbon Credits. TRCs and TCCs capture the value of reducing pollutants in the environment, landfills, and incinerators and successfully redirecting those resources to be used again in the circular economy. Proof-of-Physical Work, Proof-of-Provenance and certified-recycled physical waste create tangible and verifiable value to the global economy and serve as the best environmental offsets (waste and carbon) that can be utilized by companies to meet ESG goals and Extended Producer Responsibility mandates. The value captured from the sale of TRCs and TCCs gets redistributed in the form of $CARROT governance tokens directly to each contributor in the recycling supply chain, driving new financial resources into the recycling economy and stimulating private sector activity that will enable the decentralization of inefficient, centralized waste management systems.

The Carrot Fndn will be tasked with launching the $CARROT network, stewarding the ecosystem, and executing the directives of the community, organized through the Carrot DAO.

We believe there is no greater mission in the world today than to transition, as quickly as possible, to a circular, zero waste economy in order to end pollution and preserve the natural resources that are critical to sustaining life on earth. We are confident that scaling recycling from the current less than 18% recycling rate to more than 90% is achievable within 15 years and that this work provides the best ROI of any environment and/or climate-oriented investment available today.

We invite everyone to own their future by participating and contributing to the $CARROT ecosystem.

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