Community Guidelines

  1. Carrot DAO Moderators will not introduce a proposal on the Carrot DAO Discourse forum if it involves spam, advertising, self promotion, illegal activity, copyright-infringing material, offensive or vulgar material, or is against community values.

  2. DAO members are encouraged to search past proposals to ensure that they are not submitting a previously accepted or rejected proposal or that a similar proposal is not currently in the discussion or voting stage. CIPs may be rejected or returned for failure to comply.

  3. Moderators are selected by the community and the number of moderators will increase with platform usage at a rate that the DAO finds suitable. The Discourse forum will begin with three moderators and will seek to scale at a rate of one moderator per one-hundred active users. Moderators are responsible for welcoming new DAO members, assisting users, screening CIP drafts to ensure they conform to community guidelines, providing feedback after the established debate period, submitting CIP proposals to the Carrot Fndn and Carrot DAO for analysis and submitting CIP proposals to the floor for voting.

  4. A vote to select or reinstate Carrot Fndn Stewards will occur every year. In the event a Steward cannot fulfill his or her responsibilities and voluntarily resign, an immediate vote will be undertaken by the DAO.

  5. A vote to select or reinstate Carrot DAO Board members will occur every 3 years.

  6. Any attempt to use multiple wallets to push through CIPs will be met with those wallets being barred from the community DAO and Carrot Ecosystem via a wallet/token flag that prevents liquidity pools from interacting with it and blocking MassIDs from being packaged into TRCs and TCCs.

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