Wallet Onboarding

As indicated above, $CARROT distribution to recycling participants will begin immediately for any individual or business participating in Carrot’s waste codification and tracking solution. Participating Haulers, Processors, Recyclers and Bin custodians and their customers (waste Generators) who have not connected their wallets to $CARROT will have temporary wallets set up for them but managed by Carrot Fndn until they are claimed. Carrot Fndn will airdrop $CARROT in each participant’s wallet according to its participation in each minted TRC. Once wallets are claimed, participants will be able to swap $CARROT for stable coins or off-ramp to fiat.

It is important to note that any Hauler who connects to the Carrot waste codification and tracking protocol will be able to offer Recycling Credits and Carbon credits as ESG products to its customers. We believe this is a great value proposition and can become one of the best Web3 onboarding solutions to ever be designed.

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