$CARROT Supply

The Carrot Fndn will pre-mint 10 billion $CARROT tokens, representing the projected global population in 2050. It is our understanding that every person in the world should have the opportunity to participate in the $CARROT ecosystem. Total $CARROT supply will be fixed at 10 billion tokens, removing any possibility of the growth in token supply and resultant price deflation.

$CARROT ecosystem reserves will be released to the market naturally over time as Genesis Team and Private Sale Tokens unlock from vesting; Community reserve tokens are paid out to contributors; and the Carrot Fndn pays out $CARROT to Recycling contributors. These should not be misconstrued for supply increases as it is a fundamental component to $CARROT distribution for ecosystem growth and decentralization of ownership. Vesting schedules will be stretched longer than normal and community reserve tokens will be spent with care in order to smoothen out the supply. However, it is also important to recognize the importance of healthy $CARROT trading volumes in order to limit volatility. Recycling participants will likely be small businesses, pickers and individual holders who will likely convert their $CARROT to fiat to either secure its value or to reinvest into their business. This means that $CARROT will be moved onto an exchange rather quickly, providing steady flows that will enable investors and new community members to purchase $CARROT to gain access to the ecosystem.

$CARROT supply will constantly be removed from the market due to $CARROT’s distribution mechanism which “pays” the Carrot Fndn treasury as part of its incentive mechanism. This means that $CARROT’s tokenomics is naturally deflationary. Whenever TRCs and TCCs are minted without the Waste Generator being identified a portion of the $CARROT distribution is removed from the circulating supply. Therefore, the greater the volume of TRCs and TCCs being minted that don’t have the Waste Generator not identified, the faster $CARROT will be removed from the circulating supply. Given existing TRC and TCC volume projections and $CARROT unlock schedules for the Genesis Team and early supporters, it is estimated that $CARROT supply will turn negative by 2027.

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