Finally, the Carrot team believes the best way to engage a global community in building a low-carbon circular future is to distribute ownership over the technology network to its community of users and share the responsibility of building it. Governance and participation, represented through ownership of $CARROT tokens, serve as a strong defense against centralization forces and help to maintain the development of the network focused on its mission (purpose). Working as a diverse community with a shared goal also stimulates innovation and the potential for maximizing the scientific, technological, and financial capital of the network, which together can be far more productive than what a single team can produce. This vision is not only for an environmental platform like Carrot but also for a broader promise of what will undoubtedly become a more inclusive, fairer, and more secure internet, as eloquently described in Chirs Dixon’s book, Read Write Own: Building the next era of the internet.

By engaging with individuals, organizations, and communities both local and global, we believe Carrot has the best chance at reaching consensus on matters such as the methodologies that should be adopted for measuring environmental gain, incentive design, reward distribution, and technologies that should be utilized, as well as adapting to the evolution of markets, products, requirements and governance. Most importantly, ownership puts the power and responsibility of building a better future in the hands of its owners, in the hands of every organization and individual on the planet.

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