Carrot Retroactive Funding

Most contributions to the $CARROT ecosystem will, at first, need to be agreed upon in advance of work being completed and sealed in CIP contracts. However, as ecosystem fees grow, a new funding model will be introduced called “Zero Waste Retroactive Funding” which will be for significant contributions made to the $CARROT ecosystem. This approach is proposed by Vitalik Buterin in a post called “How the retroactive public goods funding DAO works” where it addresses the realization that “it’s easier to agree on what was useful than what will be useful. While this may appear to discourage participation, it should actually bring innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit to the ecosystem, as teams working as External Service Providers build solutions independently that can add significant value to the network and, at the same time, the project team can receive much higher returns from actual realized gains than would be possible through traditional CIPs. Such contributions will be voted on through CIP Retroactive Funding proposals and rewards can be paid out from the Treasury or through fee participation in the Service Provider role within the $CARROT Distribution Model.

77. Medium post by Optimism: Retroactive Public Goods Funding with contribution by Vitalik Buterin under subtitle “How the retroactive public goods funding DAO works”

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