Proof-of-Work & Provenance

The Carrot Protcol’s waste codification and chain of custody protocol offers both Proof-of-Provenance as well as Proof-of-Physical-Work completed within each service order and stored in each MassID. This protocol currently operates on a permissioned blockchain, but will migrate to a permissionless blockchain over time. Although the TRC/TCC and $CARROT networks will be launched separately and permissionless from the start, the permissioned network for MassID tracking has thus far enabled us to streamline data collection, identify waste custodians, and provide the permissionless network with vital information including waste source, the participants (and their wallets) and certified recycling through accredited recyclers. Real-world individuals, companies and organizations including waste Generators, Bin Custodians, Haulers (pickers,) Processors and Recycling facilities are provided a crypto-based revenue stream as a reward, in addition to any revenue stream they currently earn, for participating in a digitized circular economy.

Trackable digital assets (MassIDs) constitute the breakthrough technology needed to pay recycling participants in a Recycle-to-Earn model.

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