Recyclers, Haulers & Processors

The work of Recyclers, Haulers, and Processors, the service providers in the recycling market, is, for the most part, not valued for the environmental value they provide. We believe this needs to change. By integrating these environmental workers into a global EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) and Carbon Credits market, we can value these services appropriately and significantly improve the economics of the recycling market. Haulers (& Pickers) will be able to earn new revenue streams from dedicated routes for collection of specific product types like glass, biological waste, kitchen oil, electronic waste, and toxic waste, to name a few. With cleaner waste streams of Commingled Recyclables, free from organic waste contamination and hazards like glass, recycling rates from existing volumes will increase exponentially. Haulers, Processors and Waste Generators will be able to engage with Waste Generators in a more professional manner, weighing waste at the source, reporting back on sorting performance and recycling results; while also providing important data on how to reduce waste production. Open source logistics software will be available for reducing costs associated with route optimization, bin, fleet and IoT device management, as well as advanced payment solutions for automated billing, etc. A decentralized reward system opens the recycling market to innovation and entrepreneurial activity, and ensures all stakeholders are properly rewarded for their contribution. For example, Pickers will be rewarded at real market rates for the environmental service they provide without being exploited by intermediaries.

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