Carrot Improvement Proposal Process

Carrot Protocol Improvement Proposals (CIP) are the mechanisms through which the Carrot DAO community members are able to participate in improving and growing the $CARROT ecosystem. The CIP approval process is designed to incentivize participation and move the $CARROT ecosystem forward while also protecting it. Only verified and reputable community members can propose improvement proposals. CIPs must abide by community guidelines and serve the purpose of the community’s founding mission.

ZWIP main categories:

  1. Directives to be performed by the Carrot Fndn to manage the continual development and improvement of the $CARROT ecosystem;

  2. Distribution of funds from the Community Treasury in exchange for goods and services provided;

  3. Adjustment of the incentive mechanisms (see incentives) to maximize for ecosystem participation and recycling results;

  4. Improvement of the Zero Waste DAO as it grows and works to become more decentralized.

The ZWIP process is split between approval (Draft, Initial Discussion, Improvement Cycle, and DAO Vote) and execution (Implementation and Review).

1. Draft

A summarized ZWIP is drafted and submitted to ZWIP moderators for consideration.

2. Initial Discussion

If significant interest in the ZWIP is identified a discussion channel is created to develop the ZWIP.

3. Improvement Cycle

The ZWIP is cycled through a reviewing body to advise and recommend additions until it is ready to be voted on.

4. DAO Vote

The ZWIP is moved to Snapshot (or Tally’s on-chain voting tool) for a scheduled vote on Friday at 5pm EST for bulk voting of ZWIPs every week, month or quarter.

5. Implementation

The Carrot Fndn’s Stewards and executing teams will enact the CIP and report on progress.

6. Review

After completion, the Carrot Fndn/Carrot DAO Board will write a CIP review containing data and analysis about the ROI and general performance of the project.

For a more in depth view at the approval process, see appendix.

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