Stewards & Board

The Carrot Fndn will begin with a small management board (The Board of Stewards, or “The Board”), of 3 full-time Stewards formed by its 3 founders. The number of stewards will grow quickly to include at least 5 members and then ultimately 7 to 11 stewards. Expertise and leadership will be sought in a diverse set of areas, including but not limited to: People, Product, Operations, Technology, Community, Marketing, Partnerships, Distribution, Environment, Zero Waste (Circular Economy), Legal, etc.

Stewards will be chosen by the Carrot DAO community every yearSteward salaries and expenses will be paid from the Carrot Fndn Treasury. As the $CARROT ecosystem becomes more robust, “The Board” along with many of its Stewards will transition to the Carrot DAO in accordance with the founding goal of progressive decentralization.

  1. Ian McKee (Founder, President)

  2. Marcelo Doria (Founder, Vice-President)

  3. Silvan Andermatt (Foundation Council Member)

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