Tokenomics Conclusion

$CARROT is built for capturing the real world environmental value of recycling work, a practice that is measurable, verifiable and infinite, and which we believe is already valuable to every individual and business in the world, and will only grow into the future as resources become more scarce. $CARROT is designed to expand the recycling economy by adding new participants who can help pay for their fair share of waste production through recycling payments (purchasing TRCs and TCCs) while helping to drive resources ($CARROT) to the participants who are doing the work, therefore funding the growth of the recycling economy directly and without intermediaries. $CARROT is additive to the recycling economy as it does not interfere with existing recycling commerce that is transacted between participants. $CARROT is flexible as the payouts to recycling supply chain participants can be adjusted to maximize participation and recycling performance. $CARROT is effective as its Zero Waste Incentive Mechanism is designed to reach the source of waste creation to engage the Waste Generator in improving sorting performance. $CARROT ecosystem is secure and solid as $CARROT rewards to the Carrot Fndn from TRC and TCC sales are sizable when the Waste Generator is not identified, which is the most common scenario; but also fair, as it only receives $CARROT when the full supply chain of waste is not fully registered in its chain of custody. $CARROT is open, decentralized and inclusive as it is governed by $CARROT token holders in the Carrot DAO and aims to share the value created with DAO members and all recycling participants.

$CARROT is the Web3 community for the recycling economy that everyone can contribute to and benefit from.

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