The Carrot Fndn seeks to unite the best minds in each field to form the following Advisory Committees:

  • People & Governance: inclusion, equity and diversity, and community building, engagement and management;

  • Environment: Environmental design for Closed loop management of Finite and Biological resources, Ecosystem health and resilience, regeneration strategies, GHG reduction and Carbon sequestration;

  • Economics & Finance: Value creation and distribution, ESG, Extended Producer Responsibility, Capital & Market Management (e.g. Treasury & Risk Management, Liquidity, Volatility, Lending and Derivatives), Emerging Business Models (e.g. Product-as-a-Service and Sharing Economy), etc;

  • Legal: Securities, Commodities, Environmental, Social, Policy Making, Advocacy, etc.

  • Technology: Web3, Blockchain, Security, AI, Machine Learning, IoT, etc.

The work of the committees will entail assisting the foundation in achieving excellence in each of the specified areas while also working across disciplines where opportunities for innovation and advancement can be found. For further information on Carrot’s Advisors please visit the website.

As the $CARROT ecosystem becomes more robust, the Advisory Committees will be transitioned to the Carrot DAO in accordance with the founding goal of progressive decentralization.

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