$CARROT Token Governance

$CARROT is a token that provides its holders utility in the $CARROT economy and governance powers in the Carrot DAO. Democratic control is established at the individual level (1 wallet containing any amount of $CARROT equals 1 vote). Governance is exercised through participation in voting for or against Carrot Protocol Improvement Proposals (CIPs). Governance is consistently reinforced as $CARROT tokens are paid out as rewards to recycler’s wallets for successful sorting and recycling work.

The primary utility of the $CARROT token is to return the proportionate value captured from the sale of Tokenized Recycling Credits (TRCs) and Tokenized Carbon Credits (TCCs) to each recycling contributor directly, free of intermediaries, in the recycling supply chain. $CARROT rewards serve to help offset the cost related to performing the work of recycling. It is important to note that the price of $CARROT has no direct relation to the price of each Recycling Token (TRCs or TCC) as supply and demand for each are determined independently. (For more information see sections on Tokenomics and $CARROT distribution). $CARROT provides an accessible user experience by making rewards a single, recognizable token for the successful recycling of multiple waste types. $CARROT owners can then exchange their token for fiat or other tokens post-facto.

The Carrot Fndn sees the Carrot Protocol as a self-sustaining public utility providing the foundational infrastructure upon which an efficient, global, low-carbon, circular economy can be built. $CARROT is both the mechanism through which it can be self-governed and the means upon which it can reward contributors to the ecosystem, either for certified-recycling work or any other good or service the Carrot DAO community understands as being significant. Extending the use of $CARROT beyond the immediate recycling ecosystem and providing exclusive access (social utility) is an exciting frontier that will be further explored with Partners.

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