Carrot Registry (EPR/ESG)

The Carrot Fndn assists companies in meeting Extended Producer Responsibilities (EPR) obligations and Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) goals by offering a mechanism to offset waste and GHG footprints through a burn-as-a-service solution where TRCs and TCCs are removed from the market permanently and saved on the public blockchain, the Carrot Registry.

If a company needs to offset 50% of their plastic footprint of 100 tons, they can purchase 50 tons of plastic TRCs from a liquidity pool, or directly from the Carrot Fndn, and burn them (sending it to a burn wallet making it forever non-transferrable.) Burning recycling and carbon tokens enables businesses to demonstrate compliance in a very public manner as the tokens are stored forever on a public ledger. The Carrot Fndn will establish leaderboards to recognize the companies doing the most to help recover waste and support the recycling market. Small changes in the economics of recycling lead to exponential results in waste capturing. US dollar denominated TRCs and TCCs also offer the opportunity to transfer value from wealthy nations at a low cost to poorer countries, directly to the recyclers, to scale recycling rates in locations where recycling performance is much lower. Because TRCs and TCCs serve as a new revenue stream operating in a trusted, transparent decentralized recycling economy, $CARROT becomes a key resource for recyclers to reinvest into their businesses and scale their operations.

Burn-As-A-Service will need to be designed in a manner that traditional companies are able to purchase and burn TRCs and TCCs using fiat. We are aware of the legal and compliance concerns and will work to offer a user experience that enables every corporation to participate.

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