Recycling Tokens

A Recycling token is a utility token that represents a measurable and verifiable recycling achievement established through multiple participants working together to capture and recycle post-consumer and post-industrial waste within the global economy. The token is “commoditized” into one ton units of third-party certified, recycled materials and/or carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) credits to be minted and offered to organizations and individuals that/who wish to offset their waste and carbon footprints in order to meet ESG goals, comply with EPR laws or obtain ownership for other reasons. The token’s utility includes establishing a market value for the environmental service provided (putting a price on carbon and waste) and enabling the Carrot Fndn to reward part of that value to each contributing participant. In addition, Tokenized Recycling Credits (TRCs) and Tokenized Carbon Credits (TCC) create the possibility for the scaling of EPR and Voluntary Carbon offset systems to be established globally and locally.

The Carrot Fndn’s recycling credit tokens will become a critical asset in the sustainable, Zero Waste global economy. TRCs and TCCs are designed as an incentive mechanism for every person and business to be able to contribute and help fund the work of recycling and composting. A community-led army of people, locally and globally, working in collaboration with businesses and organizations that need an effective means for reducing their negative effects on the environment will become a powerful economic and cultural force.

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