Producers & PROs

Producers (Extractors of Raw Materials, Converters, Packers/Fillers, Assemblers, Importers, Distributors and Sellers of Products) or their representatives (Producer Responsibility Organizations) are able to purchase and burn Tokenized Recycling Credits (TRCs) and Tokenized Carbon Credits (TCCs) to offset the waste footprint from their operations and the products they sell into the market, which unfortunately, following use are ending up in landfills, incinerators or getting discharged to the environment. Purchasing TRC and TCC serves as a bridge to greater circularity as the company seeks to improve product recyclability (redesign), increase recycled material content use, and introduce closed loop systems for product recovery, such as product-as-a-service business models. TRC and TCC purchases support recycling supply chains and reward contributors directly for their work, without intermediaries, establishing a direct link between Producers and each contributor. Burning tokens to Carrot’s public blockchain Registry is a form of proving to employees, customers, shareholders and regulators that the company's commitment to meeting ESG goals and complying with EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) is real.

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