Logistics Providers

$CARROT is designed to be inclusive to all market participants, including logistics software providers who currently offer solutions to waste management service providers (Haulers, Processors and Recyclers) recordnig waste pick-up at waste Generators, drop-offs at Processors and Recyclers, as well as sorting, measuring, auditing and so forth. Logistics software providers already meet many of the needs of waste management operators and serve large numbers of clients. Carrot Fndn seeks to partner with such logistics software providers by integrating their platforms with the Carrot Protocol. Integration will not only enable logistics software providers to offer reuse and recycling certification services to their customers, but will also permit them to participate in earning a portion of the proceeds from TRC and TCC sales reserved for software platforms (the “service provider” fees). The Carrot Fndn serves as an auditing and certification entity, as well as a Web3 partner offering plug-and-play chain-of-custody management (MassIDs & ProductIDs) and integrations with Carrot’s marketplace (TRC & TCC). By enabling existing logistics software applications to integrate through API (Application Programming Interface) layers, Carrot can scale its marketplace and ecosystem to grow the recycling economy quickly.

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