Tech Origins

The Carrot ecosystem’s waste codification and tracking protocol was developed by Solidos Brasil LTDA (Solidos), Carrot’s first External Service Provider (ESP). Solidos has granted its Intellectual Property and its waste logistics technology to the Carrot Fndn permitting Carrot to, in turn, offer the technology to all of its ecosystem participants. Utilizing a decentralized file system (such as IPFS) along with API (Application Programming Interface) infrastructure, the Carrot Fndn aims to enable any technology developer, including logistics software application providers, to build on or integrate with the $CARROT ecosystem. Open sourced technology and API integration provides the opportunity to rapidly scale adoption of Carrot and its token incentive mechanism.

Solidos Brasil LTDA forms the “Genesis” team of the Carrot Foundation, and has thus aligned its interests squarely with those of the to work together in scaling the $CARROTt ecosystem.

Before we go into detail on the product, let’s take a look at the importance that sorting holds for the recycling process and why it is critical to fixing recycling systems.

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