Public Token Sale

We plan to perform a public token sale to non-US investors 12-24 months after the initial private sale. The aim will be to build a global team, penetrate every major waste stream, and introduce new technologies and services.

The services in the recycling logistics space will include:

  • API (Application Programming Interface) integration for waste logistics software solutions to onboard the $CARROT ecosystem. We will make $CARROT plug-and-play for any waste logistics provider, anywhere in the world;

  • Develop a third-party lending program for Generators, Source Bin Custodians, Haulers and Recyclers to accelerate the infrastructure deployment needed to scale post-consumer and post-industrial waste capture and processing (smart bin networks, vehicles, robotics, recycling centers and composting facilities, etc.);

  • Connect the recycling materials supply chain with product supply chains by enabling Producers to insert MassIDs that are in their custody into the products being shipped. This will enable companies to prove information about the recycled material content in their products (and packaging) and ensure a more digitally integrated Circular Economy;

  • Provide Artificial Intelligence solutions to Consumers so that they can connect seamlessly with products to access product information, such as origins of each component, environmental and carbon footprints, recycled content compositions, and recyclability data in the local area for a specific product, thus, informing the consumer at point-of-sale on how to reduce waste production;

  • Advance IoT integration solutions to facilitate fast connection to a wide range of scale technologies (weighing systems) around the world, and

  • Establish a Research and Development program to provide the ecosystem with better technology solutions to accelerate advancements in the space;

The services in Web3 will likely include:

  • Introduction of forward contracts for TRC and TCC;

  • Establishment of a lending protocol dedicated to infrastructure building (CAPEX);

  • Advancement of the onramp and offramp experience of users into $CARROT, in particular the ability to exchange for FIAT locally, via partnerships with local banks;

  • Improvement of the Burn-As-A-Service solution to enable any company to purchase TRCs and TCCs without having to touch crypto.

  • Establishment of a Global Leader Board in our Zero Waste Offset Registry for burned TRC (Tokenized Recycling Credits) and TCC (Tokenized Carbon Credits) holders; and,

  • Extending $CARROT usability into other ecosystems such as GameFi and traditional e-commerce.

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